Capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador has 472 years of history spread across its slopes, portrayed in its architecture, exposed in its rich cuisine and stamped in the way of being and living of its people. The most populous municipality in the Northeast is home to a cultural wealth recognized worldwide. The city with a pleasant climate seduces tourists and has in its history many of them who came for a walk and decided to stay. Named to honor Jesus Christ, the city of Salvador has a strong landmark in faith. Christians and religious of African origin share the same space and monumental festivals that attract people from all over the world and move their economy. There are those who say that “the most party people do not exist”. Perhaps the fame has its origins in Carnival, which was once considered the largest street party on the planet. Millions of revelers take care of avenues in a real “sea of ​​people” for eight days. An infrastructure that has already received authorities and organizers from other countries to show how to manage the momesco event.