The island of Boipeba is located in the municipality of Cairu, off the coast of the state of Bahia, close to the island of Tinharé, where Morro de São Paulo is located. Together they make up the Cairu Archipelago.

Boipeba’s name originated from the word tupy – m’boi pewa – which means flat snake to translate to the letter shovel, but it means “sea turtle”.

Boipeba is one of the oldest colonization sites in Bahia, because, in 1537, the Jesuits founded the Aldeia e Residência de Boipeba. The island is formed by the villages of Velha Boipeba, São Sebastião (Cova da Onça), Moreré and Monte Alegre.

Historically, the existence of Biopeba dates back to the times of the Discovery of Brazil, its record dates from 1535. This paradise has a hot humid climate, whose temperature varies between 20 and 30 ° C. The period of greatest visitation is from December to February and offers to its guests calm, rich in cuisine, exuberant fauna and flora!