Our History

Walter Altino, a passionate Bahian and defender of this paradisiacal land, an anthropologist by training and a professional in the tourist transport sector for five years. In order to expand the offers in the branch, I sought the partnership with Roque.
For the natives, “Seu Roque”, one of the pioneers in transporting passengers from Boipeba for 30 years. Together we are committed to transporting people, dreams and desires with comfort, speed and security!
Passion and professionalism is what moves us to provide passengers with an unforgettable experience on the way and stay on what was elected the second most beautiful island in South America, behind Easter Island, in Chile, by Internet users in Traveler’s Choice 2013.
We offer transfer services from Salvador, tours, excursions (Gamboa Tur). Did you know that your trip to Boipeba can be made half an hour faster? Get to know our tourism options in detail! Be very WELCOME!


Providing pleasant and safe trips, in which people can have fun in a pleasant environment and exuberant nature


We believe in the importance of having the most interesting products for our customers. We focus on offering hospitality. We believe in the importance of promoting sustainable socio-environmental tourism. We believe that we can contribute socially to projects that are truly important and meaningful to the local population. We believe that partnerships and collaboration between agents that act in the promotion of the tourism productive chain. We are not satisfied with anything less than excellence in all the products we offer to satisfy our customers and make them come back. We have the honesty to be transparent, admit our mistakes and the courage to change for the better.

Values ​​

Our main value is respect for both people and the workspace. Focus on sustainability and choice to work in partnership with people in the community, offering employment opportunities and compliance with labor rights and diversity. Respect for the environment, seeking to adapt our work to environmental sustainability.