Sustainable tourism is an active practice in Bahia

& nbsp; Brazil & nbsp; is internationally recognized as the nation with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. In Bahia, we have the Tinharé Archipelago, which makes up the municipality of Cairu (located in the Lower South of the state), and in it the Island of Boipeba, surrounded on one side by the ocean and on the other side of the Rio do Inferno endowed with exuberant natural beauty. The region is recognized by UNESCO & nbsp; as a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

The exuberance of the place is attractive to thousands of people every year, promoting tourism and contributing to the development and maintenance of the city’s economy. As the main source of income for the local population, the practice needs to be continually rethought in order to become viable not only financially, but worked in order to guarantee the health of the environment.

& nbsp; The country is still making small steps with regard to Sustainable Tourism, but the concept is already established in the business plans of large companies and even those of smaller size. & nbsp; It is also noticeable the concern of working to raise the awareness of ordinary people about the need to preserve the local flora and fauna, regardless of having tourism as a raw material.

In Boipeba the native population is aware of the paradise where they live and they have plenty of reasons to take care of this true ecological sanctuary. Thus, there are independent movements on the island for the preservation and care of natural resources that work in the collection and recycling of waste, for example. There is also an association of fishermen who, in addition to removing their food and sustenance from the sea, inspect residents and passers-by avoiding polluting actions. & nbsp;

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